Inward Investment Officer

Inward investment officers help to strengthen their local economies and increase local job opportunities by encouraging new and existing businesses to open new outlets and grow their operations in an area.  Inward investment officers have a number of roles including marketing their region/town; public relations/exhibitions; being a property agent and land valuation.

Work Environment
Although inward investment officers have an office base, they spend a lot of time out of the office.  They go on site visits, and accompany potential new investors on tours of possible sites for their business.

Their usual working hours are 37 per week, but there can be a good deal of out of hours working times as visits are arranged to suit clients, who may be visiting from overseas or long distances.

Daily Activities
Inward investment officers may be involved in a wide range of tasks:

  • conducting market research on opportunities to develop industrial initiatives for attracting new companies into their area;
  • meeting local businesses and finding out their needs and what would particularly help them to expand;
  • producing marketing and promotional materials for their region or town, to attract new businesses into it;
  • keeping abreast of the local property market, to keep up-to-date with property and sites that have good potential for industrial or commercial developments;
  • arranging regional and site visits, for potential new investors/employers in the area;
  • offering advice and guidance to potential investors on information, research, funding, other agency support and business planning;
  • preparing reports and bids for national and international funding;
  • managing sizeable budgets.

Skills & Interests
Inward investment officers need to be

  • able to lead projects successfully;
  • good at managing large budgets;
  • good communicators;
  • good at solving problems;
  • able to inspire confidence in others.

Entry Requirements
Inward investment officers are normally required to have a degree in a relevant subject, such as economic development, planning or business studies.  They are often encouraged to gain additional qualifications, such as a postgraduate degree in urban regeneration or planning, or professional qualifications from relevant bodies such as the Institute of Economic Development.  Previous experience in a regeneration or economic development role may also be an advantage.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
Inward investment officers may be able to move into a range of other areas including business development, economic development, European funding, regeneration and possibly sports development.  They may also be able to progress into managerial roles within economic development, regeneration and planning.

Further Information & Services
Institution of Economic Development

You may find further information about this area of work through Careers Wales ( or in your local library, careers office or school careers library.

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