Car Park Inspector

Car park inspectors patrol the council's on and off street parking areas and make sure they are properly maintained and that cars are not parked illegally. Some inspectors may work at a particular car park and collect payments from drivers but as most car parks have automated ticket machines, the majority of car park inspectors need to travel to a number of different locations throughout their working day.

Work Environment
Although car park inspectors have a central base at council offices, many will spend most of the day patrolling and could be out in all weathers. A uniform is usually provided.

Daily Activities
Car park inspectors have a range of duties including:

  • patrolling car parks at times set by the car parks supervisor;
  • looking for any damage to the car park surfaces, lifts, ticket machines and lights due to vandalism or natural causes such as flooding;
  • blocking off any parking spaces that have been affected, using cones or barriers;
  • carry out minor repairs to equipment and reporting more serious ones to their supervisor;
  • checking that drivers have purchased a parking ticket, have displayed it correctly and have not exceeded the time paid for;
  • look for vehicles that are parked outside marked bays and attaching penalty charge notices if applicable;
  • keeping up to date records and copies of notices issued in case they are contested by drivers;
  • blocking off spaces in council car parks for any expected visitors;
  • checking car parks and assisting customers to leave in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Skills & Interests
Car park inspectors need to be:

  • physically fit, as there is a lot of standing, walking and sometimes lifting of heavy objects; 
  • familiar with the local area, as they are often asked for directions; 
  • good communicators, both in writing and orally; 
  • able to remain calm and polite and listen patiently to customers who are upset about receiving a ticket; 
  • assertive, but courteous; 
  • observant.

Entry Requirements
There are specific entry requirements, although you will often be asked to demonstrate excellent customer care skills and a good level of numeracy. In some cases you may also require a full driving licence.  Training is given on the job and may include health and safety, communication and customer care. There may be an opportunity to gain N/SVQs in Parking Services.

Future Prospects & Opportunities
There are prospects of promotion to more supervisory roles. There may also be opportunities in other areas of traffic and transportation or council security. With additional training you may be able to move into other occupational areas involving enforcement, such as planning.

Further Information & Services
British Parking Association
British Security Industry Association
Skills for Security

You may find further information about this area of work through Careers Wales ( or in your local library, careers office or school careers library.

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